Bachelor Pad Bathroom: Essentials and Ideas

You finally have your own bathroom. No more sharing with roommates or family - which also means that there's no excuse for it being dirty or visually unappealing. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to having an A+ water closet.
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Most of us keep stench killers like febreeze on hand, which can be useful in emergencies. Another good idea is candles. Even if they aren’t lit they often have a pleasant smell – and nothing ruins the mood like a foul odor. Check out some male friendly candles here.
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Assuming that you are living on your own, you should have at least 4 fluffy towels in your bachelor pad bathroom. Two for you (rotating daily), and two towels as back up for guests. Avoid buying white towels and wash cloths, unless you like washing them frequently.
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While it seems obvious, we’ve all been in bathrooms that are out of soap or didn’t have any in the first place. A dispenser is favored among most people since it seems more sanitary. It is also easier and usually more cost effective to refill. For bonus points, girls like a foaming soap with a slight smell to it.
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Have you ever seen a shower stall cluttered with old shampoo bottles? Eliminate the recycling bin look and only keep what you really need. If you must keep extra bottles around, why not go with the aesthetic looking ones? Our grooming section has some great options. Impress the visitors that might be snooping in your bathroom and improve your hygiene along the way.
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If you want to go the extra mile you can have some things for her available, for example an unopened toothbrush or unisex shampoo. This is reserved for someone that has already stayed the night – don’t be too presumptuous.
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Things get dirty

Bathrooms can get very humid, so textiles get dingy and dirty quick. Consider buying a bath mat that can go in the laundry, or one that won’t get dirty. Also, change your shower curtain regularly as it can start to grow things like mildew.
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Thanks for reading our bachelor pad bathroom essentials and ideas guide. Hopefully now you won't be afraid for others to use your washroom, and you will look forward to using it yourself.