Bachelor Pad Bedroom Items

If you've ever watched an episode of cribs, the Bedroom is always "the most important room in the house". Aside from the obvious reasons, this is quite accurate. We spend about 1/3 of the day in our bedrooms. The contents of the room should be awesome, given that these are the first things we see when waking up everyday.

We've scoured the interconnected networks to find the best best bedroom items for a bachelor pad. These unique products are intended to make the man more comfortable in his bedroom, whether sleeping or playing.

Start with a solid bed frame. We suggest a queen size (60" x 80") at the minimum. Anything smaller is not very accomodating. Of course you will need sheets and comforters to make up your bed. We have tried to remove the pain that comes from shopping for these items at big box stores by providing the ideal color schemes for men at great prices.

Organization is very important to keep your bedroom looking neat. Our storage section includes dressers, nightstands and shelving perfect for a bachelor pad bedroom.

The rest of the bedroom section goes beyond the basics with accessories such as clocks, wall art, lighting, rugs, window covers and some other random items that would be great for a men's bedroom.



  • Make a small bedroom seem larger with as much ceiling light as possible
  • The lighter the wall color, the brighter and more spacious the room will seem - which is important for bachelor pads with small bedrooms and no windows
  • A full body floor mirror can make the room look bigger, and women love them
  • A DIY platform bed can be customized to fit smaller bedrooms
  • Finishes such as chocolate, espresso and mahogany will give the room a masculine look
  • A light dimmer can come in handy for those nights when you have had 1 too many perogies with your polish date