DIY Bachelor Pad Balcony Improvements

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or patio in your bachelor pad, why not make the most of it? It is easier than you think to turn this outdoor area into somewhere you actually want to spend time.

DIY Privacy Panels and Bench

Engineering Your Space has a great article on how to turn your small balcony into a unique and attractive area. The design provides both comfort and privacy. You can also stain the wood to fit in with the rest of your bachelor pad.

Follow along with the written instructions or watch the helpful video.

The 5 foot x 9 foot area pictured here was built for under $200 (including the cushions).



DIY Pallet Garden

If you are into plants, check out this easy solution from LifeOnTheBalcony.

Given that you can find wooden pallets in abandoned lots or in the garbage, the project shouldn’t cost you anything. Planting may not traditionally be the most manly activity, but there is no doubt it will make your balcony or patio look better.

Not feeling so ambitious? Skip the tool belt and check out these items to improve your bachelor pad balcony:

Cedar Window Box (24"- 36")
US - | -
Indoor/Outdoor Speakers (Black or White)
US $34.99 | $34.99
Vertical Wall Planter
US $61.99 | $61.99