DIY Bottle Ideas

Where I live, most people return their empties for a .05 or .10 cent refund. That's cool and all, but instead of building your fortune with chump change, why not turn these bottles into something cool? These DIY bottle ideas are easy and will look great in any bachelor pad. Just make sure you sober up a bit before starting the project.

Booze Bottle Soap Dispenser

This one is pretty simple.

Buy a 375ml bottle of alcohol. If you have a large sink or go through a lot of soap, the same pump should fit in a 750ml bottle. The pump used on the JD bottle in the image comes on 'Caldrea' Soap which is available at Target. If you don't have a Target store close, you can buy fancier pumps in Bronze or Stainless Steel.

If you want to protect the liquor logo, you can lacquer over the label. The dispenser can also be filled with sanitizer, or more booze.

Read more at Curly Birds.

Soap Dispenser

Beer Cups

DIY Beer Glasses

Here is a great way to re-use your beer bottles. Just make sure to sand down any rough edges extremely well before drinking. There are a number of ways to cut the bottle:

  • Using Fire
  • Using Boiling Water
  • Using Yarn
  • Using a Saw (Dremel)

All of these methods can be seen on WikiHow. Instructions for the cups on the left can be found at SeriouslyForReal.

Beer Cap Coasters

After you make the Beer Glasses, why not make use of the caps? There are tons of coaster tutorials online, some more complicated than others.

The peeps at Let's Make Cool Stuff have a tutorial that uses materials you probably already have kicking around (with the exception of maybe cork board, which is cheap).

It is also cool how they made the coasters in different colors for various sports teams (Go Knicks -->). Easy way to add a personalized, DIY touch to your bachelor pad living room.


Bottle Cap Coasters

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