Guys, It’s Okay to Watch The Bachelor

bachelor with girlsThis post has nothing to do with bachelor pads, other than the fact that The Bachelor has a spin-off TV show called Bachelor Pad. I didn’t catch onto the show until my sister was talking about it in one of the later seasons (at this time of writing it is on it’s 19th season!). I was on a long road trip and my girlfriend had it queued up on her tablet so I decided to watch it to pass the time. So I watched, and then watched some more, and before I knew it we were about 4 episodes deep. Keep in mind these episodes are lonnnng, some spanning 1 and a half hours. Would I rather watch a movie with that time? Probably. But let me justify why The Bachelor isn’t so bad.

It’s funny. There are a lot of laugh out loud moments happening, usually from the lack of brain cells that the contestants display. I’m wiling to say that most episodes are funnier than 80% of comedies on TV right now. I always get a good laugh at the occupations of the bachelor limocontestants since some of them are clearly made up (scoreboard operator, really??). The unintentional comedy in the show is top notch.

It’s Awkward. The best episode is always the first one where the suitor meets the women. As each limo pulls up and the girls get out to introduce themselves, the bachelor often visibly struggles to come up with a comment to say to them that is different from the last ten girls. The girls are doing their best to make a good impression on the bachelor whether it be with a cheesy sentimental gift, a cliché blindfold or a joke that almost always falls flat. The awkwardness of the interactions makes for some great television.

It’s Educational. I’d love to say the bachelor makes it look easy but in most cases he doesn’t. It’s difficult dealing with dozens of girls competing for a rose. Watch him say the wrong thing and then have to dig his way out of a hole. See what types of excursions excite the jimmy kimmel bachelorwomen that he’s with. Witness the types of things the girls might say behind your back to the others in the house. As most guys find out, dealing with multiple women at once can be a nightmare.

I’m not alone in liking The Bachelor – Jimmy Kimmel has said that he has watched every show of every season, and he recently made a guest appearance on two episodes of the last season. Adam Carolla had contestant Chris Soules on his show recently and admitted his appreciation for the show. If you are questioning the masculinity of these two celebrities keep in mind that they were the minds behind The Man Show – which was a huge show with guys in the 90’s.

If none of the above are a good enough reason for you to check out The Bachelor TV show, consider that A LOT of girls out there are watching it. Some even have girls nights to gather around and watch an episode. If word gets around that you are into the show you will be in good graces of these groups and have a reason to hang out with them. Or, you can just enjoy watching a show with dozens of girls on it by yourself. Something to keep in mind for when the next season rolls around.


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