Kitchen Essentials

Kitchen Essentials for your Bachelor Pad

These are must have items that are a little more unique than the usual. Different items like these will keep your bachelor pad interesting – and that’s what it’s all about.

B00H5F8ROO-hp good
Home Run Baseball Style Oven Mitt
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1930s-Gangster-Grater-with-Measuring-Hole-HP good
1930's Gangster Grater with Measuring Hole
US $6.52 | $6.52


Digital-Backlit-Scale-1000g-x-0.1g-HP-300x260 good
Digital Backlit Scale, 1000g x 0.1g
US $11.99 | $11.99


Oversized-17-Peppermill-Walnut-HP-61x300 good
Oversized (17") Peppermill, Walnut
US $29.74 | $29.74