Living Room

Living Room Items for your Bachelor Pad

Since this is where you will probably be spending the most time, why not make it awesome? This means comfortable seating, interesting items and entertainment. It doesn't take a lot of cash or effort to achieve this.

The seating section has lots of unique options to choose from. Lounge chairs and Recliners provide optimal comfort while Accent chairs are a great aesthetic piece. For couches we have a great collection of sofa beds/futons, loveseats and sectionals.

Storage doesn’t have to be boring. Our shelves will look great in your living room while holding all of your stuff. These unique TV stands are almost interesting enough to distract you from the Sopranos re-run playing on the tube.

Stimulate your senses with the entertainment in the electronics section. We tried to cover all of the necessary bases for your living room without making it cluttered.

As well as being a living room center piece, Coffee and End tables are important for storing and holding items.

Check out other items such as rugs, window covers and art to add some icing on the cake of your bachelor pad living room.


  • If you don’t know where to start, design the room around the color of your couch
  • Be clutter free; Fewer decorative items means less to clean around
  • This is a good place to show off DIY projects
  • A large washable rug under your coffee table makes spills easier to clean up
  • Have a few extra portable upholstered chairs handy in case there is not enough couch room for guests