Find Your New Favorite Drink

Find your new favorite Drink

Looking to try something new but want to make sure that you buy the best alcohol for the best price? We’re here to help you out. Whether it’s Whiskey, Vodka, Gin or Beer we’ve included sortable lists to help you make a choice based on the attribute that is most important to you.

Smart Rating: By default, all lists have the highest rated items at the top. This Smart Rating is a weighted average from relevant publications, competitions, enthusiast reviews and the Beverage Testing Institute. These sources will vary by the type of alcohol chosen. Keep in mind that everyone’s taste preference is different, so try and apply a few sorts other than the Smart Rating before making your decision.

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): The average ABV for Beer is 5% and 40% for liquor. Consumers looking for something a bit stronger should choose a beverage with a higher ABV than the average.

Price: Sort by approximate cost in US dollars. Vodka drinkers looking for the best bang for the buck can search by ‘Cost per Shot’.

Connoisseurs will appreciate the ability to sort by Age (Whiskey) and Distillation (Vodka), as well as see details such as Region (Vodka and Gin), Ingredients (Gin), Mixing Suggestions (Gin) and Brewery (Beer) or Distiller (Whiskey).

Also take advantage of the ‘compare’ function when deciding between two similar products.

You no longer have an excuse for drinking an overpriced or overrated beverage. Be a trendsetter and try something new tonight.

Start by selecting the alcohol of your choice:

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