About Us

Our Philosophy


The classic definition of a Bachelor is something along the lines of "an unmarried man". While this is our target market, this is not another website to help “dudes get chicks”.

This is a website to help guys living on their own improve the look of their bachelor pads, given that they don’t have the input of a woman (and their intrinsic interior design knowledge). We want to help men outfit their living quarters to their liking while maintaining an environment that is comfortable for both genders. And who knows, you may impress a lady or two as a result.


Unfortunately, this does not usually come cheap. If you thumb through your monthly subscription of your mens lifestyle magazine you are likely to have spent your yearly discretionary income by the time you reach the centerfold.

Our goal is to find you these unique products at a price you can afford. Our value added service is that we scoured the Internet for the highest reviewed, best priced items for gentlemen. In order to service as many regions as possible (including the best shipping options) we partnered with Amazon. Wherever possible we included a marketplace to show other prices around the Internet from top vendors.

Have a browse around and let us know what you think. We are new to the game and have some exciting ideas for the future so we hope that you will grow with us.

Oh- and if you arrived here looking for the latest episode of the bachelor, why not buy something for your husband?