Product Review: StoveShelf


The kitchen is one of the most important areas in your home to keep organized and have a good amount of storage space. Those of us with small kitchens know the difficulty of trying to find a place for everything, in a way that the items are still accessible. The StoveShelf is a great idea for that reason. It gives you back precious storage space, and adds a unique look to your kitchen. Continue reading for a full review of the product.

Let’s start with some other things that I liked about the StoveShelf. There is literally no installation. It attaches to the top of your stove with two heavy duty magnets. No tools or even screws are needed - you can just take it out of the box, plop it on the top of your stove, and you’re good to go. The magnets do a great job of holding it in place - once it’s on there it isn’t going anywhere.


It is also great quality construction; the manufacturer mentioned that it was made in the U.S.A. The magnets on the bottom are so strong that it is also magnetized on the top in the same area. This makes it ideal for holding metal items, like the aluminum pot shown below. Dwight also approves of it, he couldn’t stop bobbing.


There are 3 colors to choose from – white, stainless and black to match your stove. The nature of the installation means that it should fit on pretty much any stove as long as it is under 30” width. While you may want to use it to store your most used items at arm’s reach, you can also use it as a display shelf for your nick nicks. If you have an un-aesthetic stove it will definitely take it up a couple of notches.


The back lip on the shelf also does a great job of closing the gap at the back of the ledge. This means that you won’t lose items into oblivion since once an item falls behind your stove it might as well be gone for good. I feel that the StoveShelf could have benefitted from a small lip on the front as well to prevent items from falling on the stove top. Glass stove tops crack very easily, and they aren’t cheap to fix or replace. Even a ½” lip on the front could reduce the risk of smaller items like a salt shaker from falling.


Another issue I had was that it covered the outlet on the top of my stove. I believe it only comes in one size (30” width) so this may be a problem for anyone that makes use of their stove outlet.

Taking these things into consideration, I would recommend the product for anyone looking to improve the functionality and look of their kitchen. The sturdy construction will make your appliance look more polished and improve the overall appearance of your stove. It is also a great way to get some extra kitchen storage – those of us with small kitchens need all the counter space we can get!

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