Wet Shaving on a Budget (and Giveaway!)

It's your lucky day (hopefully)! This month we're doing a giveaway for a Safety Razor Kit courtesy of SirHare. Given his expertise in wetshaving, Tony from SirHare has put together a blog post on how to wet shave on a budget. Read on to learn more, and be sure to enter the contest at the bottom of the post.
Being a bachelor on a budget is about being smart with your money, so isn't it frustrating when things cost more than they should?  I'm talking about stuff like printer ink that costs just about as much as a new printer.  What about replacement razor blades that cost a small fortune? We're not going to tackle your printer problems today, but we will show you how to upgrade your shave and reduce the amount of money you spend on shaving gear.
If you are like most guys then you probably have a cartridge razor, shaving cream or shaving gel that comes out of the can and when you shave it's more of a chore than anything.
What if I told you that shaving can actually be an enjoyable experience and save you money at the same time?  Welcome to the world of wet shaving that not only provides an amazing shave, but once you have the basic gear you'll shave for pennies on the dollar.  
There are few basic tools to learn about when it comes to wet shaving:
Wetshaving on a Budget - Safety Razor
This isn't some flimsy piece of plastic.  It's a heavy duty piece of metal built to last.  Don't worry about spending a fortune for replacement blades because instead of a cartridge that costs $4 you'll get replacement razor blades for the safety razor for as low as 10 cents each.
Wetshaving on a Budget - Shaving Soap
That shaving cream or gel you use today will be no match for a quality shaving soap.  Shaving soaps will hydrate your skin and provide excellent protection to prevent razor burn.  The best thing is the unlimited fragrances that Shaving soaps come in.  It smells awesome during and after your shave.  A single container of shaving soap will last for hundreds of barber quality shaves.
Wetshaving on a Budget - Shaving Brush
In order to get shaving soap lathered up, you do need a shaving brush.  One brush is all you need and any kind from synthetic, to boar, or badger hair will work.  The brush after being soaked in water will turn your shaving soap into a thick frothy lather.  Applying it to your face helps lift your whiskers to get a close shave and also helps exfoliate your skin.
shaving-brush_37e3c3bb-2803-4d42-a03c-4d4e0aecb334_600x  Wetshaving on a Budget - Shaving
There is plenty of other gear that you can learn about including Aftershave, Solid Cologne, Stypic pens, straight razors, etc.  The 3 main tools mentioned above is really all you need to get started.  It's easy enough to piece together the gear you need or better yet find a pre-packaged shaving kit ready to shave out of the box.
No doubt that wet shaving turns your painful shaves into an awesome nostalgic barbershop experience.  Once you get the hang of it, your old shaving gear will be nothing but a forgotten memory.  I must warn you that wet shaving is very addictive and very easy to get hooked. Don't blame me when you have a razor collection and a variety of soaps and brushes!

Safety Razor Kit


SirHare is giving away the above Safety Razor Kit with 25 blades that will get you on the road to wet shaving.  Just signup with your email address and the drawing will take place on August 20th, 2017.
By entering your e-mail in the draw you may receive offers and information from SirHare Quality Grooming 

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