Divorced Dad Interior Design: How To Create a Home For You & Your Kids

Divorce brings on large lifestyle changes, including alternate living arrangements. As a priority, children need to feel safe and comfortable in their different environments. With a new space to call home, a common challenge for divorced dads is not only where to start but how to create an interior design that speaks to their kids. Here are a few essentials to get started.

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Plan a functional spatial layout

Having a flow in your new home has a direct impact on both comfort and functionality. Avoiding clutter and trying to have organized areas for backpacks, shoes, and toys, helps kids feel more at ease knowing there’s a order to this change in their lives.

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For small apartments, consider storage savvy pieces like benches and ottomans in the living room or wall shelves and cubbies for the entry and bedrooms.

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Include favorite comforts

New living arrangements for divorced couples mean a transition in family/home life which can be emotionally difficult. Having environmental elements that make your kids happy is key.

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Do they like to draw or build with toys? An art/play space could be created in an area of your home or integrated into their bedroom. A fan of reading or computer games? Having a small lounge space with beanbags or a swing chair for them to enjoy their favorite hobbies makes them feel like they are home.

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If able, have your child be a part of the design plan. Let them pick out the wall colors, art or theme of their own room. For shared areas, ask them their opinion where appropriate. Are you open to either having dinner at a dining table or on a coffee table? Get their two cents.

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Create your own space

While taking your child’s needs into consideration, it’s important to make your new space yours. At times, divorced dads think that replicating their former home will make things feel more familiar with their kids. Reflecting the change in your living environment actually helps kids with acknowledging and accepting the new arrangement.

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Bringing some furniture with you? Work in once shared pieces in a new way. Consider repainting that coffee table or placing the sofa end table in your room as a nightstand. There are several great, easy, DIY projects like these tree stump side tables that not only give you ownership of your new place but look great!

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If starting with a blank slate, consider colors you like, art and design styles that suit your personality. Mind you, this is not necessarily a time to call back your favorite Star Wars posters. Think ahead to inviting future guests and potential partners; good design goes a long way.

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With life being busy, getting help to set up warm and inviting space for both divorced dads and their kids is key to easing the transition. Use the tips above or hire an interior designer to quickly bring your space together into a home for creating new memories.

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