Bathrooms on a Budget

They say that you can tell a lot about an establishment by their bathroom. If a restaurant doesn't take care of their rest room, it may not be a place where you want to eat. The bathroom in your bachelor pad can have the same effect. Most women will feel more comfortable at your place if they can see that you are hygeienic, and the bathroom is a good place to show that.

Having a well equipped bathroom doesn't have to be difficult. We simplified this by breaking down the items that you likely use daily:

Other Grooming Items

Of course you will need somewhere to store these items to avoid your counter from looking like a cluttered frat house.

Once you have the basics covered, check out these accessories to take your bachelor pad bathroom up a notch.


  • Masculine color tones (dark grey, brown and black) with interesting textures give a bold look
  • Accenting with chrome or brushed metals can help modernize the look of the bathroom
  • A glass shower can make the bathroom seem larger
  • Cabinets and cupboards should have enough room for all bathroom items to avoid clutter
  • Keep cleaning supplies close to where they are used in the bathroom

Featured Items for your Bachelor Pad Bathroom