Kitchens on a Budget

To all the weekend chefs out there, we feel for you. A cook is only as good as his equipment.

We’ve found you some great tools that will have you feeling like Action Bronson in his younger years. Chop your heart out with our low priced, high quality knife sets.
Simmer down? No, simmer on. Get rid of your Grandma’s old pots and pans and upgrade to some rust free, dishwasher safe cookware.

These awesome Barbecue accessories will have you feeling like the boss man behind the grill this summer.

Presentation is everything. Our dining sets are inexpensive and fresh enough to make a McDouble look like a Filet Mignon. For those that aren’t as culinary ambitious, kick back with a few beverages. These drinking items will have your local watering hole green with envy.

Of course you also need furniture to sit and dine. The bar stool is a timeless item for any bachelor pad. We have enough tables to cater to anything from a dinner party to a one on one rendezvous.

Our goal is for our awesome kitchen items to inspire you- and maybe even your guest for the night to show off her culinary skills for you.



  • Keep it looking clean by having a home for each item
  • Floating shelves can be used if there is a lack of cupboard space
  • Most cabinets can be painted to give them a fresh look
  • Introducing wood textures to a black and white space can add character
  • Plan the kitchen around the color of the main appliances (stove, fridge)

Featured Item

Drink Chilling Rocks, White Soapstone (12- 18) HP 300
Drink Chilling Rocks, White Soapstone (12- 18)
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