Fabric Drawer

Fabric Drawer

B001LGZXR2(1) HP
  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Suggest use with Cubeicals Storage Organizers
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Material: Nonwoven polypropylene
  • Inside Dimensions: 11 in. H x 10.25 in. W x 10.25 in. D
  • Perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter, these Fabric Drawer for Stackable Cubeicals add fun and functionality to your cube organizer! These fabric drawers easily side in and pull out of cube shelves thanks to their sewn in handle! Durable, eye-catching and easy to use, these Fabric Drawers are a terrific choice! These Fabric Drawers have been specially designed to fit perfectly with their Storage Cube counterparts -- together they form an unbeatable combination of color, organization, and style. View "Other Info" tab to see how great they look together!



Product Details

Brand: ClosetMaid
Model: 78400

Black: US $5.49 | $5.49
Brown: US $4.47 | $4.47

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