DIY Custom Shelving

Keep a clutter free space by giving your stuff a home. This is easier than it may seem, and can be achieved with the help of some do-it-yourself shelving.

Chunky Corner ShelvesCornerShelves

For a modern look most suitable for your living room or bedroom check out A Home West's thick Corner Shelves.
Cost To Build: $100
Time: A few hours (plus time for stain to dry)
Skill level: Moderate

Rustic Shelves Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Pay no attention to the name of the blog but focus on these historic looking Wood Shelves over at Keeping It Cozy. Find some old planks and get started on this ideal project for your entrance area.
Cost To Build: $50
Skill Level: Resourceful


Industrial Modern Floating ShelvesIndustrial Shelving[4]

Floating shelves.. spooky! These have a great unique industrial/modern appearance and are easier to build than they look.
Cost To Build: $60
Skill Level: Moderate

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