Bachelor Pad Bedroom: Essentials and Ideas

The bedroom is where you start and end your day. As such, it should be somewhere with a positive feel to get your day off to the right start and comfortable enough that you look forward to settling down there. Check out these bachelor pad bedroom essentials and ideas to make your chambers a happy place, for you and others. Bachelor Pad Bedroom 9Bachelor Pad Bedroom 5 Image courtesy of Inthralld Image courtesy of Room & Board


As with other rooms, storage is key to keeping the bedroom tidy. If you choose a dresser, it's size will likely make it one of the focal points of the room. Make sure that it is a quality piece with a finish that matches the rest of the room. You don’t need to break the bank – but invest in a quality chest since you will be opening and closing it numerous times per day. Bachelor Pad Bedroom 13bachelor pad dresser Image courtesy of Image courtesy of


Keep your dirty clothes out of sight and out of mind – until they are ready to throw in the wash. If you don't have the storage, consider a large double hamper or portable fold up hamper. Your bedroom should smell a lot better as well. If you want to go the non-traditional route, take it back to high school with some funky gym size lockers (like the red ones below). Bachelor Pad Bedroom 7Bachelor Pad Bedroom 11 Image courtesy of Mesh Architecture Image courtesy of


It is recommended that sheets are changed once a week. Most guys that I know change them closer to once a month. Solution: keep more than 1 set of sheets handy. This way you’ll be so fresh and so clean all year round. Bachelor Pad Bedroom 4Bachelor Pad Bedroom 17 Image courtesy of Caitlin & Caitlin Design Image courtesy of Calvin Klein


If you’re able to paint your bedroom, consider a bold and rich color such as dark grey or burgundy. An interior paint with a satin finish will give the walls a smooth and soft look with a bit of gloss. This finish will will also help to give the room a more masculine feel. Bachelor Pad Bedroom 6Bachelor Pad Bedroom 3 Image courtesy of IMI Design Image courtesy of Cary Vogel

Bachelor Pad Bedroom 12Image courtesy of

Privacy in a Studio Apartment

So you've moved into a trendy one room flat - but you're missing the bedroom privacy. Your best bet is to create a barrier using furniture (such as a bed with a headboard or dresser). This way you can maintain your privacy and the open space concept simultaneously. Bachelor Pad Bedroom1Bachelor Pad Bedroom 15 Image courtesy of M Square Lifestyle Design Image courtesy of Dezeen

Something Furry

Faux fur bedding is becoming quite popular on beds. It's no secret that women love it, and you probably will to - it's like sleeping with a lion (that won't maul you). Consider a faux fur rug for your feet as well. Bachelor Pad Bedroom 13 (2)Bachelor Pad Bedroom 14 Image courtesy of wehodaily Image courtesy of Elle Decor Bachelor-Pad-BedroomImage courtesy of

Centerpiece of the Room

Literally and figuratively, your bed will be the centerpiece of your bedroom. Choose a solid frame that is aesthetically appealing. Nothing smaller than a queen or full size. Do not cheap out on the mattress either, since you will be spending about 1/3 of your life on that thing. Bachelor Pad Bedroom 2Bachelor Pad Bedroom 16 Image courtesy of Damon Liss Design Image courtesy of Go Home Living

Personalize the Space

Your bedroom is a great place to show your personality and interests. Consider including original art on the walls or framed photos. Souvenirs from your adventures are also a great idea - and conversation piece. Bachelor Pad Bedroom 10Bachelor Pad Bedroom 8 Image courtesy of Homemydesign Image courtesy of Architology Bachelor Pad Bedroom 9 Image courtesy of


This is key for all rooms in your bachelor pad, but especially the bedroom. Having a spot for all of your stuff is important in order to keep the room clean. If you don't have a closet, there are lots of storage and shelving options available. This way you can also have your cool items on display to look at without cluttering the room. bachelor pad bedroom 20 Image courtesy of Benjamin Grimes/Taylor Hoff