Monsieur Johnson’s Bachelor Pad Studio Loft

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. Monsieur Johnson of Addison, TX found a way to turn his studio apartment into a dream bachelor pad by maximizing the space with his furniture placement and design elements. The bachelor pad studio loft is a perfect example of how curating interesting decor items can personalize the space and make it look unique. His focus on modern design is apparent on his Instagram - follow him to see more: hashtagmodern.

Hello and welcome to the place I call home. I live in a studio loft that's 650 square feet. I love the concrete ceiling, exposed duct work, and hardwood/concrete flooring. It's a real joy for me to call this space my home. It is definitely a true dream come true. I enjoy the open and airy feel that my abode provides. 

Bachelor Pad Living Room MJ2

As you can see my style is modern. I'm inspired by the mid-century modern era, Architectural Digest, and Dwell Magazine. My favorite item and biggest indulgence is the Nelson Bench that I use as a coffee table.

Bachelor Pad Living Room 2 MJ2

My favorite element of my home is the staircase in the bathroom. I also adore the amount of natural light my home receives. I am very proud of the way the bathroom turned out after it was painted black and well-suited with decor.

Bachelor Pad Bathroom MJ

It brings me great comfort and satisfaction to come home to a space like this after a long day at the office. Working from home has also been great due to the office space/nook that's located in the corner of the living room. 

Bachelor Pad Office MJ2

I enjoy rearranging furniture and creating vignettes with the use of various accessories and furniture settings. I love coming home and streaming music through my Sonos Playbar and relaxing while my mimosa candle by Diptyque fills the air with it's inviting aroma.

 Bachelor Pad Decor 2 MJBachelor Pad Living Room 2 MJBachelor Pad Decor Head MJ

My kitchen is a joy to cook in and walk through. The open cabinetry allows me to not only store my dish and glassware in an orderly and coordinated fashion, but it also allows me to display my accessories. I also use the open cabinetry in the kitchen to store my book collection. Dual functionality is key when it comes to living in a small space and it has helped me dearly. 

Bachelor Pad Kitchen MJ2

My bedroom is my sanctuary and where I land to recharge at the end of the day. I chose to keep the bedroom area minimal like the rest of my home. Taking the minimalist approach has brought me serenity and tranquility, which are needed when it comes to resting my eyelids.

Bachelor Pad Bedroom MJ2

This home is very special to me because I carefully put more into it than I thought I could. I've come a long way from when I outfitted my apartment before the one I'm in now. My home is basically my design lab/experiment. I couldn't be happier with my new home and plan to stick around for as long as I can.