Rotating Bar Stool, Wood/Vinyl in Walnut or Beech

Rotating Bar Stool, Wood/Vinyl

Rotating Bar Stool, Wood Vinyl HP (Combined)
  • This handsome bentwood designed barstool features a leather looking vinyl cushioned seat.
  • The stool rotates and adjusts vertically to be used in several places throughout your pad.
  • The chrome base adds a progressive looks to the classic wood/vinyl seating surface.
  • These stools are sure to coordinate with any color scheme- choose between a lighter wood, darker wood, or mix both.
  • Seat: 17” width x 15” depth
  • Height: 37” to 45.5” (Adjustable)
  • Base: 17.6”



Product Details

Brand: Flash Furniture
Quantity: 1 Stool

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