Bachelor Pad Design: Ideas, Essentials and Tips

Environmental psychologists have linked materials, design, lighting and furniture arrangement to a feeling of happiness. If this is surprising to you, as a guy, it is no secret that visually appealing decor will boost most women's moods. Diving into interior design can seem like a daunting task - but creating an awesome bachelor pad inexpensively isn't as difficult as you might think. Read below for some bachelor pad design ideas, essentials and tips for how to form and outfit your apartment or house on a budget. bachelor pad Living Room 14Bachelor Pad Hallway 4 Images courtesy, samyouki Bachelor Pad Living Room 13Bachelor Pad Living Room2 Images courtesy of Mesh NYC,

Color Scheme

Choose three main colors for each room and try and stick to them for each room. You can use this tool from Sherwin-Williams to find the perfect manly combination. bachelor pad bedroom 21bachelor pad essentials colors Images courtesy of Nicholas Moriarty

Get Personal

Don’t be afraid to let your personality show in the decoration. What are your hobbies or past experiences? If you have a cool souvenir from a worldly adventure then display it. These possessions can be a great conversation starter, as well as keep your bachelor pad from looking like a store showroom. Bachelor Pad Hallway 9bachelor pad living room 22 Images courtesy of Pharrell Williams, Gonzalo Papantonakis


Fluorescent overhead lighting isn’t a flattering look in a room. Upgrade the look of your bachelor pad with a with a floor or table lamp. A light with a dimmer can come in handy as well. bachelor pad lighting 1bachelor pad lighting 2bachelor pad lighting 4 Image courtesy of,,

Mix it up (Furniture)

It is tempting to buy a matching set of furniture all from the same big box store. The problem is that it is pretty boring. By branching out and choosing furniture from a variety of companies you will give your bachelor pad a unique look. We source furniture from brands all over the globe, which is why we carry many different styles. Bachelor Pad Living Room 17bachelor pad living room 24 Images courtesy of,

Sound System

In a bachelor pad, speakers can be useful in almost every room. It’s a good idea that they are both iPhone/iPod compatible and have an auxiliary output to allow everyone to play their tunes. Whether you like it or not, your music may not get everyone in the mood. Bachelor Pad Sound System 1bachelor pad sound system 2 Images courtesy of,


Keep it simple stupid. When decorating your bachelor pad, there will be a lot of decisions to make. As a rule, you should stick to the basics when it comes to patterns, materials and other styling options. For example – instead of plaid or floral print bedding, choose a comforter with a solid bold color and maybe a few contrasting stripes. bachelor pad Stairs 1Bachelor Pad Hallway 8 Images courtesy of,

A Few Bold Pieces

Stop playing it safe. Select a unique item or two for each room which will stand out. This can include interesting artwork, bold lighting or a different color of paint for the walls. Women will respect a man that can take risks. bachelor pad bold items 2bachelor pad bedroom eames chair Images courtesy of, living room 26bachelor pad living room 25 Images courtesy of,

Allocating your Resources

So you have a budget, but you aren’t sure where to spend it. It’s important to expend somewhat evenly in each room. Consider where you spend most of your time and which items you care the most about. Put a priority on finding items for this room and go from there. bachelor pad budget 29bachelor pad living room 28 Images courtesy of, design trolls

Work with a view

Most of us now spend a lot of our time at home on our computers – whether it be for work or play. Consider placing your desk underneath the largest window in your bachelor pad. Chances are you will look more forward to working - and be more productive. Check out these stylish compact desks that should fit in most rooms in your apartment or house. bachelor pad office 1bachelor pad office 2bachelor pad lighting 3 Images courtesy of


If you have the space, a shelf stocked with books is a smart idea. It looks awesome and is a great way to show off your knowledge and interests. Consider organizing your books by color or material for an interesting look. Check out our selection of books for gentlemen if you have some extra room on your shelves. Bachelor Pad BooksBachelor Pad Living Room4 Image courtesy of ApartmentTherapy,

Games Room

It is important to be able to entertain yourself and others in your bachelor pad. Most classic games remain the best such as pool and darts. There's a reason why bars and pubs around the world still count on them to bring in customers. Check out our selection of games for your bachelor pad here. bachelor pad games room2bachelor pad games room1 Images courtesy of, Studio Guilherme Torres These bachelor pad design ideas and essentials will no doubt increase it's functionality and appearance. If you don't care about that stuff, there's a good chance that she will. So you've got nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Keep it Clean

You now have an awesome bachelor pad, don’t let smells and spills ruin it. Have the essential cleaning supplies handy, and use them. Put your shoes away (this will be visitors first impression). Make your bed. Deodorize if necessary – women have a better sense of smell than men. Bachelor Pad Living Room6bachelor pad hallway 5 Images courtesy of, Paul Bernier Looking for more bachelor pad design ideas? Read more about ideas and essentials for your kitchen, bedroom, living room and bathroom. Bachelor Pad Essentials 1Bachelor Pad Essentials 2 Images courtesy of